Cassandra Tribbett Photography

Oh, Hey There! 

I'm Cassandra, but you can call me Cassy or Cass, whichever is easiest for you or your littles, will work for me! 

Before I dive in, I just want to say, I am SO excited you are here! I know the feeling of aimlessly looking for a photographer that meets all your families needs and that can handle all the "chaos". Well, good news, your search is finally over! I [LIVE] for the chaos, especially behind my lens.

I'm a God-fearing wife of the most amazing, supportive husband and the proud mama of three of the most wild and beautiful littles. The four of them together, are constantly keeping me on my toes and our life may be a little chaotic at times, but I wouldn't change a thing about it! The immeasurable love I feel for them inspires me to create memories of love and connection in others. 

Photography feeds my inner soul, a true calling that inspires me to capture the most intimate moments of one's life. My focus is to tell people’s stories, just as they are, right at this moment. The real, raw and nostalgic moments that make up all the treasured moments of our lives. 

I know the pressure, parents feel, well I should say mothers feel, when it comes to booking a family session. Rest assure mama, the chaos you worry about, fuels my passion and fires my soul, and I honestly live for it! I want you to just be completely engulfed in the moment, whether its laughter, dancing, snuggling, kissing, running, chasing your toddlers, or even sharing some tears. I just want you to all be in the moment, with all the stress aside. 

The greatest feeling I get is when a family see's their gallery for the first time in utter shock at the magical moments we were able to capture! My focus is driven to find the in-between moments, the moments between the fits or pouts, thats where the utter magic lives.


My goal is to capture a story of your family, that you can have displayed in your home. Images of moments that you can feel, that truly come to life. One day, these images we invest in, will be our legacies for our children to hold on to and treasure for all of time.


Photography isn't just about fancy pictures, its about creating an everlasting imprint of all the little moments pieced together that become our legacy. 

I can't wait to meet you and bring your story to LIFE!  



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68 N. 9th Street

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Phone: 317-828-0277

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